Increase Store Sales and Profits

Improve Customer Retention

Improve Store Image

Enhance Customer Experience

Generate New Revenue Stream for Each Store


Technology savvy customers demanded Pay at the Pump

NOW over 50% of fuel customers never enter the store

Leaving without any opportunity to purchase high profit items in your store

Traditional Pump Toppers have failed at increasing store traffic

POP-TV is the solution

Generate Increased Sales & Profit
Cash Money

51% of fuel only customers do not enter your store. This costs each store up to $3,600 per day in additional sales. POP-TV integrates into the television content specifically produced messages, which have proven to increase store traffic and sales by over 12% each 24 hours. Current “pump toppers” are virtually invisible. POPTV replaces this antiquated signage with highly researched and produced video and audio messages driving customers into the store that otherwise would purchase only fuel and leave. We not only drive traffic and sales into the store from the pump, but provide an extraordinary vehicle to integrate vendors. This is combined with highly popular programming including current weather information, movie reviews, entertainment and information for the consumer during each fueling visit. POPTV is more than a company that provides state-of-the-art technology to your fuel dispensers, we are America’s only firm that focuses on driving traffic into your store for increased sales and profits.

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Increase Customer Retention & Store Sales
Store Sales

Customers that have seen HDTV at the pump say they plan to return so they can watch at their next visit.

19% of consumers who saw an ad on a out of home digital screen say they have made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on the screen.

Enhance Customer Experience & Store Image
Store Image

Research has proven a significant customer preference for those stores that offer television on the pump. Over 68% of all consumers, if given a choice, would select a television equipped C-Store vs. one that does not provide pump television. Why? It makes the fueling time more informative, entertaining, and a better experience. POPTV’s at the pump programming provides consumers a full updated weather forecast while they are fueling at the pump, we provide entertainment elements such as current move reviews and entertainment news, plus we provide information about special in-store offers, community events, and more. Our programming is tailored to each local market, and is the most engaging television programming in the “out of home” television industry. It’s the prefect platform for the custom produced messages we make certain each customer sees to invite them into your store, feature specific products and specials, and create the feeling they are not just customers of yours…they are good loyal friends! We provide the most significant “brand building” in the C-Store industry!

Turn-Key Installation & Support

POPTV brings to the C-Store industry the highest quality of television technology in the industry, exclusive manufactured and supported by Info2Go, a division of Dee Zee manufacturing. Not only is the equipment and technology built to the highest standards in the industry, our exclusive transmission of programming, software, and other integrated features create brilliant picture and sound quality, regardless of sunlight, weather conditions or other factors.

The television systems are fully UL certified, installed to exacting standards, never interfere with the integrity of your pumps or any pump warranty, is done with virtually no “down time” to customer transactions, and requires no time commitment from your busy in-store employees.

Advertising Revenue Share
Share Money

Many C-Store operates enjoy a new revenue stream directly from POPTV derived by a revenue-share of advertising generated. While advertising time is limited to insure quality programming and plenty of promotion to drive new traffic from the pump into your store, advertising time is reserved for products and categories that YOU APPROVE. (POPTV never accepts or air any programming or advertising contents that is not 100% family friendly!). The popularity with local, regional, and national advertisers affords our C-Store locations the opportunity to participate in advertising revenue. For each of our store locations, this represents a brand new source of store income, above all the other benefits provided by POPTV! Each advertising share program is custom designed and can vary based on store location and overall store traffic.

Programming that is Local & Relevant

POPTV custom designs the programming content your customers will see in the minutes they spend at your pump. This programming is based on information (updated weather forecast), often news headline summary, plus entertainment including current movie reviews and entertainment news. In addition, our custom programming will include highly effective messages we create to effectively invite customers into your store for greater in-store sales and profits. We also allow for promotion of community events, and any charitable organization your stores support. All programming is to your approval, and always 100% family friendly. All programming is full video/audio (it’s television!) and always in high quality high definition!

Reducing Store Costs

In addition to the significant increase in sales revenue POPTV installed stores see, is also an immediate reduction in cost. No longer will you or your marketing department design, print, ship “pump topper” signage. No longer will rely on those messages being removed or replaced. And gone are all the costs associated with pump-topper advertising. Those costs disappear the instant your new POPTV system is installed.

Dramatically Increased Store Security

POPTV systems are designed for customers to watch during the fueling time at your pumps. But, an optional feature allows you constant surveillance of each customer at each pump. Our built-in camera’s capture and retain in high quality hundreds of photos, with date/time stamp on each pump, far in excess of current store video surveillance. These constant photos are retrievable only by you, and available on-demand. Gone are the threats of “slip and fall”, or other security issues.

The industry leader in television technology

POPTV is the exclusive provider of Info2Go pump-top television systems, manufactured by noted Dee Zee manufacturing. The system is a brilliant 22” flat screen high definition picture quality, in all-light environments…from the brightest sunlight to the dark of night. Our programming is HD, with high quality stereo audio. The system is completely wireless, state-of-the-art, designed and built for years of flawless broadcast. All equipment is UL certified and listed, and installed by professionals to protect the integrity of all fueling dispensers, with no worries about your dispenser warranty. Our system is designed in cooperation with the nation’s leading dispenser manufacturer.