Man at Pump

Proven Results…With The New Television of POPTV

With television fragmented among over 300 satellite, cable, and broadcast channels along with ad-skip viewing due to DVR and remotes; radio at over-saturation of stations, record low time-spent-listening and reduced results; and newspaper that is in 2012 virtually a dinosaur smoking a cigarette, POPTV brings the most targeted, effective, and efficient television advertising available to the local/regional market!

POPTV brings the advertiser the captive and qualified audience, at audience levels that rival or exceed your local broadcast television affiliates!

POP-TV has the answer!

Captive Advertising at the Gas Pump



Audience with Intent to View

No DVR, No laptops, no cell phones, no Distractions!

Just Engaged Consumers Exclusively watching your message!

To make it even better our viewers want to watch your commercial not skip it!

Sound too good to be true…It’s Not!

Captive Audience Guaranteed

No more wondering if someone actually saw your commercial or read your ad.

One Gas Transaction = Viewed Commercial

Our Audience is Captive

Fuel customers spend 4 to 6 uninterrupted minutes while they fuel their vehicle.

Desirable Audience

Upscale desirable audiences are hard to find with tradition media.

With POP-TV its easy!

Our audience are all Credit Card carrying, car/truck owning consumers with intent to purchase TODAY!


*90% of us residents 12+ have been to a gas station in the last month.

Gas stations deliver a high concentration of affluent consumers and people with children living in the household.

High Recall and Response

*47% of out of home digital video viewers recalled seeing an advertisement on the screen.

*19% of out of home digital video viewers have made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on the screen.

Antidote for DVR’s

Nearly 30% of all TV viewers use a DVR and Skip Ads.

*70% of us residents 12+ have seen out of home digital video in the last month.

*52% in the last week.

They can’t skip your Ads!