Rapid Robert's POP TV

POP-TV is the only HD television system for the gas pump focused on increasing C-Store traffic and profits!

We specialize in delivering High Definition pump-top marketing and advertising solutions designed to enhance the convenience store experience, improve store image, customer retention and most importantly, grow sales and profits.

The Power of Small POPTV Logo on the Pump

Man Watching POP-TVYour fuel-only customers spend 5.5-6.0 minutes fueling at your pumps. On average, 51% complete the fuel purchase and leave. Those fuel-only customers do not enter the store, they do not make additional purchases, they do not add to the in-store margin, they do not grow your store’s profits. They also do not see or respond to your current pump-top sign displays. POPTV has changed that…dramatically. Using state-of-the-art HD television technology combined with the marketing skill of America’s only pump television provider focused on increasing store sales! Our production of store content compels customers from “pump to store”, increases sales on high margin products, provides a significantly better customer experience at the pump, and a dramatic enhancement to your store brand…making you the C-Store preference for your market and region. Want to know more? Click C-Store Retailers!

4-6 minutes at the pump + POP-TV = Higher C-Store Profits